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3 Winners and 3 Losers From Adobe’s Magento Acquisition

The big news this week, aside from the wonderful pack of GDPR emails we are all being blessed with in our inboxes, was Adobe agreeing to acquire Magento for 1.68B. While the real details of the plans are known to a small group, we do know enough to make some informed guesses about what this […]

Must Watch! 2018 ShopTalk Series

After announcing the launch of the firm on the floor of ShopTalk 2017, Sebae Group conducted interviews with Art Lawida, President of commercetools US, and several other executives throughout the conference. To keep the tradition, and improve on the highly regarded series, we put together a series of interviews with industry leaders at ShopTalk 2018. […]

The #1 commercetools Agency

  When I began this journey in January of 2017, I had already built some brief experience working with this small but growing microservices platform called commercetools. The pitch was clear – monolithic platforms were creating pain and expense that was hurting companies and development teams, and it was time for a big change. Having […]

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